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 Poze Bluza brodata de ocazie "Casch"

  • Poze Bluza brodata de ocazie "Casch"
  • Poze Bluza brodata de ocazie "Casch"
  • Poze Bluza brodata de ocazie "Casch"
  • Poze Bluza brodata de ocazie "Casch"
  • Poze Bluza brodata de ocazie "Casch"
  • Poze Bluza brodata de ocazie "Casch"
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Bluza brodata de ocazie "Casch"


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Bluza din tuille (85% nylon, 15% spandex) ivoire, broderie marunta din margele si paiete. Se inchide la ceafa cu trei "mos si baba". Dublura din material elastic ivoire..

Masuri: gat - 46, bust - 92, talie - 70, lungime - 50. Pe eticheta: M. Echivalare: S - M.

Brand: Casch / Italia.

Despre: "

The most famous Dane of all time has to be Hamlet – the Shakespearean character who languished in torment. But the real drama coming out of the country today is the high drama of fashion. Casch is a Copenhagen-based designer that’s taking the fashion world by storm. The Dane on everyone’s lips in boutiques across the world is Gro Abrahamsson, the founder of Casch. Casch is vastly sought after thanks to the chic and stylised designs that women love. Casch, unlike other designer labels, is distinctly sophisticated with a mature outlook that creates a bohemian chic.
Casch – Effortless Chic
A lot has moved on in Denmark since the days of their plundering ancestors. Now the Danes are conquering the world in an entirely different way – wooing women with the sleek and sophisticated designs that Casch reliably produce. Gro Abrahamsson’s signature mark at Casch is her highly tailored designs. She describes her own style as, “an Aristocratic French tomboy from the 1870’s”. Gro was originally a graphic designer but went on to further study to become the designer behind Casch in Copenhagen.

The Casch Woman – Strong and Stylish
The Casch style is epitomized by strong statements. The winter collection for this year is all about contrast – the contrast between straight sharp lines and soft knots and drapery; the juxtaposition of hard blank surfaces and soft rustic detail. The Casch woman is envisioned as a person who is not afraid to be noticed for her good taste. The quality of Casch clothes and classic detailing means Casch appeals to the woman who likes classic style with a twist. Abrahmsson is famous for never sketching her designs until she knows the material she is working with, ensuring her clothes are beautifully crafted.

Casch – Up Close and Personal
Casch is still a small designer company with an emphasis on quality not quantity. The Casch designs offer classical style and tailoring but ensure each garment has its own distinct expression. The ’07 autumn collection is inspired by the black and white silent movies that demonstrate the talent of expressing yourself without words but using eyes, clothes and action. With the uncompromising attention to detail and quality, Casch consistently delivers high end fashion." (Sursa:

Stare: excelenta.


Detalii produs


Periodizare: Anii '90

Masuri: S

Culori: Ivoire

Model: Broderie

Material: Tuille

Stil: Glam

Anotimp: Vara

Designer: Casch

Cod produs: CAB480

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