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 Poze Bluza lila din piele intoarsa "Guess"

  • Poze Bluza lila din piele intoarsa "Guess"
  • Poze Bluza lila din piele intoarsa "Guess"
  • Poze Bluza lila din piele intoarsa "Guess"
  • Poze Bluza lila din piele intoarsa "Guess"
  • Poze Bluza lila din piele intoarsa "Guess"
  • Poze Bluza lila din piele intoarsa "Guess"
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Bluza lila din piele intoarsa "Guess"


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Bluza din piele intoarsa foarte fina, lila / roz foarte deschis. Se inchide lateral cu fermoar. Se strange pe bust cu un snur din acelasi material. Slituri laterale. Nu este captusita. Are pense. Articol original.

Masuri: gat - 54, bust - 92, talie - 78, lungime - 54. Pe eticheta: M. Echivalare: S - M.

Brand: Guess / Italia.

Despre: "Guess (styled as GUESS or Guess?) is an American clothing brand and retailer. In addition to clothing for both men and women, Guess markets other fashion accessories such as watches, jewelry, perfumes, and shoes. Guess began in 1981 as a book of styles by Georges Marciano. Maurice, Georges’ brother, was first sought by Georges to help with product development. Armand and Paul, also Georges' brothers, were in charge of distribution and advertising, respectively. Armand ran distribution. Paul created the advertising, all of it in-house. Georges designed the clothes, burnishing Guess' signature style: stonewashed denim, lighter in color, softer and more form-fitting than the competitors.This initial chain of command later led to the earlier break-up of the brothers' cooperation with Georges selling his share of the Guess company to his other brothers due to a disagreement in a choice of product distribution strategy. Georges wanted to keep Guess in only the more exclusive stores, such as Bloomingdales. The remaining brothers in the disagreement wanted a larger distribution in KMart. Georges hated the idea. Different camps formed within the company, with each pledging allegiance to either Georges or the other three. Georges eventually gave in and sold his stake to his brothers in 1993 for $214.2 million. To finance the purchase, they had to borrow $210 million, and $105 million was still outstanding three years later. To raise money, the brothers decided to take Guess public. Paul was the only remaining brother to ultimately lead Guess on his own.

When Georges Marciano and his brothers were much younger, they opened a series of stores in France under the name MGA before launching Guess in America in 1981, after Georges Marciano first came to America in 1977. Their top seller: unisex jeans. Georges Marciano and his brothers moved to Los Angeles to see if they could pull off a similar feat, borrowing a mottled wash Georges had noticed on jeans in an Italian laundromat he had taken note of (at the time, jeans styles were only sold in indigo blue or bleached).

The founder, Georges Marciano, and his brothers moved to Los Angeles in 1981 and opened the first store in upscale Beverly Hills area. Armand and Paul joined Georges and his brother in California. Georges came up with the company name after driving past a McDonald’s billboard asking drivers to "guess" which eatery had the biggest cheeseburger. Maurice Marciano said, “Georges came home and said, ‘I think I found our name. Guess.’ ”

Maurice Marciano tossed up ideas until he got exasperated, and finally his brother, Georges, clarified himself. The Guess name was born.

Guess, with its red triangle patch, stonewashed denim and signature zipper sliding up each ankle, was officially launched in late 1981 and proved an immediate hit. In just one year, sales through Bloomingdale’s and Guess’s Beverly Hills store hit $6 million. Guess soon began advertising, and in 1985, introduced their iconic black-and-white ads.The ads have won numerous Clio Awards. Their fashion models have included a number of supermodels, many of whom, such as Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, Eva Herzigova, Valeria Mazza, Kate Upton, Julia Lescova, and Laetitia Casta,] first achieved prominence via these ad campaigns.

In the 1985 Robert Zemeckis movie, Back to the Future, Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) wore distinctive Guess denim clothing which was reportedly designed specifically for the film.

The Guess emblem with the famous question mark in the center.
During the 1980s, Guess was one of the most popular brands of denim jeans. The company was one of the first companies to create designer jeans. While the first jeans were for women, a men's line debuted in 1983. In 1984, Guess introduced its new line of watches known as "Guess", "Guess Steel", and the "Guess Collection". The watch line is still in existence today (although under different product lines) and has been joined by a number of other accessory sidelines. In 1984, they also introduced a line of baby's clothes, called "Baby Guess". The line is now incorporated with clothing for toddlers and kids called GUESS kids."(Sursa: Wikipedia).

Stare: excelenta.


Detalii produs


Periodizare: Anii '90

Masuri: M

Culori: Violet

Model: Uni

Stil: Rock

Anotimp: Primavara

Designer: Guess

Tipologie: Bluze

Model maneca: Fara maneci

Cod produs: CAB699A

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