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 Poze Bluza roz "Sisters Point" anii '90

  • Poze Bluza roz "Sisters Point" anii '90
  • Poze Bluza roz "Sisters Point" anii '90
  • Poze Bluza roz "Sisters Point" anii '90
  • Poze Bluza roz "Sisters Point" anii '90
  • Poze Bluza roz "Sisters Point" anii '90
  • Poze Bluza roz "Sisters Point" anii '90
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Bluza roz "Sisters Point" anii '90


Pret: 38 RON

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Bluza din crepe gerogette roz portelan. Dublata cu poliester roz. Bretele reglabile. Se inchide pe bust cu nasturi.

Masuri: lungime bretea - 31, bust - 98, talie - 116, lungime (umar - tiv) - 68. Pe eticheta: M. Echivalare: XXL.

Brand: Sisters Point.

Despre: "Aarhus-based SisterS point were founded during the fall of 1994 by Allan Freivald. The dream was to create a new and young brand, which would do something different than designing and producing two annual collections. SisterS point skipped the annual collections and simply just focused on designing and producing trending styles. No collections simply just trends on time.

Back in the nineties Allan Freiwald often made his way around Paris, Milan, London and Amsterdam and he sensed that the fashion scene was changing and it was moving towards a more young and fresh look. Daughters shouldn't look like their mothers but instead go with their own style and look. The fashion trends was moving towards lycra, low waists, bare bellies, strong colours and patterns combined with mini skirts and small dresses. All the mentioned styles and trends soon became the core of SisterS point and helped establish the brand on the scandinavian fashion scene. When Spice Girls had their major breakthrough in 1996 they manifested the young and fresh style and Sisters Point was definitely not going anywhere.

Today we still focus on designing, producing and selling the right styles for the trendy girl and woman. SisterS point is always focusing on capturing the large international fashion tendencies and then convert them into cool and trendy streetwear - which fits perfect into the danish style, look and fashion philosophy.

SisterS point designs ready-to-wear. Designed to fit the customers needs and not because it is supposed to fit into an overall collection theme. We always design with three types in mind: The Classy, the feminine and the sporty - which means, that all of our drops contain styles and items for those three types. Our drops are designed to match exactly those vibes and looks that are trending right now. No matter what we are designing we insist on keeping our universe playful and always work with a colour palette of soft colours which goes perfectly well with our airy and soft qualities and preppy mix.

SisterS point doesn't design collections on a monthly basis but we move as soon as we feel a vibe. This means that you can always find new styles online and at the same time we promise to always keep you updated on the latest trends from the international fashion scene." (Sursa:

Stare: excelenta.


Detalii produs

Categorie: CAMASI SI BLUZE, ANII '90,

Periodizare: Anii '90

Masuri: XXL

Culori: Roz

Model: Uni

Material: Georgette

Stil: Casual

Anotimp: Vara

Brand2: Sisters Point

Tipologie: Bluze

Model maneca: Fara maneci

Cod produs: CAB674A

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