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  • Poze Camasa vintage
  • Poze Camasa vintage
  • Poze Camasa vintage
  • Poze Camasa vintage
  • Poze Camasa vintage
  • Poze Camasa vintage
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Camasa vintage "Bobbie Brooks" anii '70

Cod: CAB308

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Camasa din panza verde deschis, broderie vegetala cu broscute si cristale. Se inchide in fata cu nasturi din sidef. Slituri laterale.

Masuri: gat - 54, bust - 118, talie - 114, lungime - 69, lungime maneca - 26. Pe eticheta: XL. Echivalare: XL - XXL.

Brand: Bobbie Brooks / S.U.A.

Despre: "Bobbie Brooks was founded in 1939 by Maurice Saltzman and Max Reiter in Cleveland, Ohio. Originally called Ritmore Sportswear, Inc., the company was bought by Saltzman in 1953 and became Bobbie Brooks, Inc. (Note: The name Bobbie Brooks was used even before the name of the company was changed, possibly as early as 1941.) In 1959, it became the first woman’s garment-making company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. During the 1960s, Bobbie Brooks was one of the five largest garment manufacturers in the US, with fifteen factories producing 18,000,000 garments a year.

Bobbie Brooks used an organized plan of choosing which garments to manufacture. This plan utilized a consumer board made up of 600 of their targeted consumers – junior-sized teens and young women. The company is now owned by Garan, and as of 2010, was carried in Dollar General stores." (Sursa: Vintage Fashion Guild)

Stare: perfecta.


Detalii produs

Categorie: CAMASI SI BLUZE, , , ,

Periodizare: Anii '70

Masuri: XL

Culori: Verde

Model: Broderie

Material: Panza

Stil: Schoolgirl

Anotimp: Vara

Brand: Bobbie Brooks

Cod produs: CAB308

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