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 Poze Cercei vintage "Volmer Bahner" anii '50

  • Poze Cercei vintage "Volmer Bahner" anii '50
  • Poze Cercei vintage "Volmer Bahner" anii '50
  • Poze Cercei vintage "Volmer Bahner" anii '50
  • Poze Cercei vintage "Volmer Bahner" anii '50
  • Poze Cercei vintage "Volmer Bahner" anii '50
  • Poze Cercei vintage "Volmer Bahner" anii '50
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Cercei vintage "Volmer Bahner" anii '50

SKU: B953

Pret: 448 RON

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Cercei din metal plaat cu aur, cu perla falsa crem. Se prind cu clips metalic. Semnati pe interior. Cu suportul original (vezi foto). Articol original.

Masuri: circumferinta - 6 1/2. Dimensiuni medii.

Brand: Volmer Bahner / Italia.

Despre: "

Volmer Bahner (1912-1995) Volmer Bahner, a multi-disciplined Danish artist and designer was born in Frederica, Denmark and was a pupil of Utzon Frank. He graduated from the Industrial Arts and Crafts College in 1930 and received several scholarships and awards. Known early on for his realistic busts on wooden pedestals, his many sculptural works were seen in various exhibitions.

Many of his works are represented at the Kunstindustrimuseet, the Danish Museum of Art and Design. Bahner created many works in bronze and ceramic including a Female Head (Bronze Bust 1937); Female Head (1938, fired clay, Maribo Museum), and Sports Girl (1937). His portrait busts include a bronze bust of Princess Helena.

Volmer Bahner is also known for his modernist and naturalist inspired, enameled silver jewelry designs that he created and manufactured in his own silver workshop after World War II. A nature lover, Bahner drew inspiration from the flowers and plants of the Denmark countryside.

From 1962 – 1988, Volmer Bahner was Denmark’s best known specialist, enamel company. Their designs are considered innovative, especially for the beautiful guilloche enamel floral pieces such as the calla lily, which was made in several colors including blue, white and deep red. The design was used for brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Bahner also produced simple, non-figurative designs in the Art Deco style.

The most recognizable Volmer Bahner designs are the hearts and animal motifs, including fish and butterflies. These were made in different configurations for different body parts. Many were specifically designed as presents for young girls so the rings, bracelets and necklaces are often quite small in size.

Bahner’s mark is his initials VB, accompanied by STERLING, DENMARK. His work is also occasionally associated with the company Christgau whose creations sometimes bear his mark." (Sursa:

Stare: excelenta.


Detalii produs


Periodizare: Anii '50

Masuri: Mediu

Culori: Auriu

Model: Bicolor

Material: Aur

Stil: Vintage Lady

Anotimp: All seasons

Vintage Museum: Designer

Designer: Volmer Bahner

Cod produs: B953

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