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 Poze Fusta retro "Malou Sander"

  • Poze Fusta retro "Malou Sander"
  • Poze Fusta retro "Malou Sander"
  • Poze Fusta retro "Malou Sander"
  • Poze Fusta retro "Malou Sander"
  • Poze Fusta retro "Malou Sander"
  • Poze Fusta retro "Malou Sander"
  • Poze Fusta retro "Malou Sander"
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Fusta retro "Malou Sander"

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Pret: 76 RON

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Fusta din brocart subtire bej - auriu, model geometric negru. Se inchide la spate cu fermoar. ornamentata cu centura fixa si catarama metalica laterala, cu cristale. Slit anterior - lateral. Jupa din satin crem. Slit la spate.

Masuri: talie - 85, sold - 100, lungime - 63. Echivalare: L.

Brand: Muus - Malou Sander / Italia.

Despre: "The Danish designer Malou Sander founded the collection Múus in the year 2000. The name of the collection is the Danish sound writing of the English word ‘mouse’. All her life, Malou has carried ‘Múus’ as her nickname and thus she found it natural to baptise the collection likewise.

Malou Sander is 35 years old and a self-taught designer. During her career she has worked for several successful Danish fashion companies. With these experiences, Malou Sander started the label Múus just 25 years old.

In a market with strong competition, her force has been her self-taught approach. The customers and the press fancy her unschooled and sometimes naïve designs.

In no-time Múus has become a well-established label with a recognisable profile and a healthy economy along with a very strong range of up-market clients.

All designs, patterns, and fittings are made in the house of Múus. In itself, the house of Múus symbolises the Múus spirit and is an embodiment of the designs: historical, sophisticated, breathtaking, and noticeable. Then you enter the house of Múus, you enter a world of creativity and playfulness." (Sursa:

In 2003 Malou Sander received the design-prize Guldknappen.

Stare: excelenta.


Detalii produs

Categorie: FUSTE VINTAGE, ANII '90

Periodizare: Anii '90

Masuri: L

Culori: Bej

Model: Geometric

Material: Brocart

Stil: Glam

Anotimp: Toamna

Brand: Sander, Malou

Cod produs: F702

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