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 Poze Jacheta "Alberto Makali"

  • Poze Jacheta "Alberto Makali"
  • Poze Jacheta "Alberto Makali"
  • Poze Jacheta "Alberto Makali"
  • Poze Jacheta "Alberto Makali"
  • Poze Jacheta "Alberto Makali"
  • Poze Jacheta "Alberto Makali"
  • Poze Jacheta "Alberto Makali"
  • Poze Jacheta "Alberto Makali"
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Jacheta "Alberto Makali"


Pret: 176 RON

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Jacheta in stil Missoni din tricot de rayon. Maneca larga, cazuta. Se leaga in fata. Margine cu ornamente din paiete turcoaz.

Masuri: gat - 96, bust - 104, talie - 72 - 76, lungime - 63, lungime maneca - 36. Pe eticheta: L. Echivalare: M - L.

Brand: Alberto Makali / Italia.

Despre: "Inspired by the wonderful miracles of nature, acclaimed designer Alberto Makali helps women everywhere achieve unparalleled style and elegance through his designs.

Over 20 years ago, Alberto Makali began to design suits for women. Since then, he has branched out to create all kinds of women’s wear.
He has developed a loyal following of fashionistas throughout Europe and North America, and continues to wow new fans by constantly unveiling magnificent designs, season after season.

When asked which season was his favourite for fashion, Makali quickly replies “spring,” however, he says every season has its perks. “I love warmth! Spring brings soft pastels and vivid colour in chiffons, silks and cottons. Each season is like a birth, bringing new life to every collection.”

Much of Makali’s designs this summer were inspired by nature. This is evident from his use of the bright colours and bold floral motifs that grace his pieces. “Nature inspires me, not only in colour, but in my prints as well. I love the sea, and it shows in many of my prints,” says Makali.

Besides the colourful seasons, in the open air also inspires him to work. “I am very motivated by the outdoors. I get a tremendous sense of pleasure when I am in my garden, whether planting, pruning or just enjoying nature.”

Makali also enjoys exploring current fabrics, trends, prints and design through travel.

One of Makali’s favourite places to escape to – whether for work or pleasure – is Central America. “I love Costa Rica. The ocean and tropical climates have always been my favourite places. It is from places like these that I get much of my inspiration,” says Makali.

And while Makali lives an extremely busy life, he is fortunate that he can spend time with his family. “I can never be completely stress-free,” says Makali. “If you are committed to your business, you just can’t forget the problems. However, I do look forward to spending time with my family on weekends.”

A typical week for Makali involves every aspect of his business. He is very hands-on, and he takes part in all decisions. Unlike other high-profile business people, Makali is at his desk at 8 a.m. every weekday. “I start my day making fabric selections. I work with my assistants from each of my divisions. We work on design themes, colour palettes, design changes and fittings,” says Makali. Dealing with continual overseas calls, which he takes personally, and his seven women’s wear divisions, Makali has mastered the art of multi-tasking.

His business goal is to make sure the women who grace his designs feel feminine and beautiful. “It’s always exciting to dress a celebrity, but I get a great deal of gratification seeing women around the world looking and feeling attractive in my designs,” says Makali." (Sursa: dolcemag. com, 18 mai 2008). Vezi si

Stare: excelenta.


Detalii produs


Periodizare: Anii '90

Masuri: M

Culori: Albastru

Model: Degrade

Material: Rayon

Stil: Vintage Lady

Anotimp: Primavara

Designer: Makali, Alberto

Pret: 176 lei

Cod produs: HAV145

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