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 Poze Pardesiu boucle roz "Sigrid Olsen"

  • Poze Pardesiu boucle roz "Sigrid Olsen"
  • Poze Pardesiu boucle roz "Sigrid Olsen"
  • Poze Pardesiu boucle roz "Sigrid Olsen"
  • Poze Pardesiu boucle roz "Sigrid Olsen"
  • Poze Pardesiu boucle roz "Sigrid Olsen"
  • Poze Pardesiu boucle roz "Sigrid Olsen"
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Pardesiu boucle roz "Sigrid Olsen"


Pret: 248 RON

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Pardesiu roz cu print tartan stilizat roz, gri deschi si gri inchis, in stilul anilor '60, din stofa boucle (69% acril, 8% poliester, 13% lana, 5% nylon, 5% mohair) . Se inchide in fata cu nasturi mari din os. Captusit cu satin roz orhidee. Doua buzunare laterale.


Masuri: gat - 77, bust - 109, talie - 91, sold - 103, lungime - 81, lungime maneca - 59; pe eticheta: S. Echivalare: L.


Brand: SIGRID OLSEN / Italia

Despre: "With 30 years of compelling success in art, textiles, design, and American women’s fashion, Sigrid Olsen launches her next career chapter in Spring 2014, focused on the increasing worldwide trend toward creative well-being and holistic lifestyle design.

Today, Sigrid reinvents her work to embrace the best aspects of her own healthy life. Her commitment to creative well-being runs deep to inspire a fresh and unique approach to mindful design, beautiful product development, and holistic experiences.

SIGRID OLSEN: New Designs for Living™ encompasses this uplifting philosophy and establishes an innovative model of business increasing diversification in lifestyle categories from home and fashion, to beauty and bodycare, textiles, art and papery, publishing and retreats. As she remarks,

“Today, my eye, my life and my work are all focused on what moves me – because I know it’s also what moves others. Creative well-being works from the heart to shift the paradigm of business and in my estimation, it redefines success.”

Six years ago, Sigrid’s multi-million dollar national fashion company fell victim to corporate dissolution as a casualty of the faltering U.S. economy.  Sigrid resolved to turn near devastating life events into positive opportunities during that period. She rediscovered her artistic passions for art, painting, and hand-crafting. Then, she integrated a lifestyle practice of healing arts to include yoga, meditation, time in nature, visual journaling, wholesome eating, juicing, and community connection. She reconnected more directly with her customers and established a creative well-being retreat business. This process increased ability to surmount one challenge after another during this period which included recovery from breast cancer, the loss of her business, and the recent, unexpected death of her business partner and spouse.

Sigrid discovered new ways to thrive personally and enhance her life professionally. Reacquiring her namesake and rejuvenating her design sensibility to establish a new brand and business vision now incorporates joy, balance and beauty into everything she does. It defines a new feel of modern simplicity and reflects her signature talent for exquisite artisan prints and beautiful, nuanced color. It is also grounded in creative well-being.

This journey has also opened up a vibrant path to success with the increasing popularity of her international Creative Well-being Retreats held in serenely natural and beautiful destinations around the world.  In essence, Sigrid sees her life unfolding brilliantly now,

“I’m excited to feel my years in fashion, lifestyle design, retail business, and the creative arts, can now coalesce with my personal passion for creative well-being. I am committed to offering beautiful, mindful designs and healthier lifestyle experiences to a vast audience worldwide – especially for women, in particular.”

Sigrid currently bases her creative headquarters from Sarasota Florida with an additional business team in New York City." (Sursa:



Stare: perfecta




Detalii produs


Periodizare: Anii '90

Masuri: L

Culori: Roz

Model: Geometric

Material: Boucle

Stil: Lolita

Anotimp: Toamna

Designer: Olsen, Sigrid

Cod produs: HAV36

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