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 Poze Poseta "Franzi" anii '40

  • Poze Poseta "Franzi" anii '40
  • Poze Poseta "Franzi" anii '40
  • Poze Poseta "Franzi" anii '40
  • Poze Poseta "Franzi" anii '40
  • Poze Poseta "Franzi" anii '40
  • Poze Poseta "Franzi" anii '40
  • Poze Poseta "Franzi" anii '40
  • Poze Poseta "Franzi" anii '40
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Poseta "Franzi" anii '40

SKU: P465

Pret: 480 RON

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Poseta din piele naturala maro inchis, structura trapezoidala semitigida, cu pliseuri. Se inchide in partea de sus cu mecanism metalic (buton cu capacel). Un maner trecut prin inele de metal. Un singur compartiment, cu trei buzunare interne, din care unul cu capsa metalica. Captusita cu piele naturala maro. Articol origina. Evaluare pe piata internationala: 280$.

Masuri: lungime - 17, latime - 28, lungime maner - 31. Dimensiuni medii - mici.

Brabd: Franzi / Italia.

Despre: "If there is an Italian brand who represent the TOP LUXURY quality in the world,this is FRANZI.since 1840 they used to realize suitcase for most of the nobility ,before Louis Vuitton start to produce their garments.Tis is the excellence of the handmade in Italy .After this small history of Franzi ,let say that is a superbe beauty case for travellers ,for collectors,it is something that you will not  find easy on internet or in any other vintage shop worldwide,this case is bright brown with a big mirror inside ,excellent condition ,with a leather  belt all arround ,inside,wher usually you put parfums,bottle or any other travelling needed. don't miss this rare pearl of italian luxury handicraft." (Sursa: prezentare ebay Frendovintage).

Stare: excelenta.


Detalii produs


Periodizare: Anii '40

Masuri: Mediu

Culori: Maro

Model: Uni

Material: Piele naturala

Stil: Vintage Lady

Anotimp: Toamna

Vintage Museum: Vintage 1920 - 1970

Designer: Franzi

Cod produs: P465

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