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 Poze Rochie vintage "Bogner" anii '70

  • Poze Rochie vintage "Bogner" anii '70
  • Poze Rochie vintage "Bogner" anii '70
  • Poze Rochie vintage "Bogner" anii '70
  • Poze Rochie vintage "Bogner" anii '70
  • Poze Rochie vintage "Bogner" anii '70
  • Poze Rochie vintage "Bogner" anii '70
  • Poze Rochie vintage "Bogner" anii '70
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Rochie vintage "Bogner" anii '70

SKU: R2185A

Pret: 288 RON

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Rochie din casha de lana galben intens. Se inchide in fata (pana sub talie) cu nasturi. Dublata cu acetat galben. Cordon fix la spate. Buzunare oblice frontale.

Masuri: gat - 50, bust - 102, talie - 94, sold - 112, lungime - 100, lungime maneca - 25. Echivalare: L - XL.

Brand: Bogner / Italia.

Despre: "With their passion for sports and fashion, Bogner has been successful for more than 80 years. What once started as a dedicated small production facility in one of Munich’s backyards has evolved into a prosperous international label. The capital B has been a symbol of fashionably inspired and sophisticated sporting apparel ever since. Until today, Will Bogner jun., together with his wife Sônia, has continued the success of his father, Willy Bogner sen. and has furthermore enjoyed a worldwide reputation. 


Willy Bogner senior accomplishes numerous victories as a ski jumper and a cross-country skier. The Munich local wins the German Championship 11 times in the Nordic Combination. In addition, he founds an import business for Ski equipment and knit materials and is able to combine his passion for sports and business.


Willy Bogner sen. takes the Olympic oath at the winter games in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Even more remarkable: the games in 1936 mark the start of

Bogner’s apparel being worn by the competing German Olympic team. This tradition has continued for the last 17 winter games.


Willy Bogner sen. marries Maria Lux, who has been in charge of overseeing the collection design ever since.


Bogner’s first postwar fashion show takes place in Munich’s Hofbräuhaus. Bogner’s models including Maria Bogner herself celebrate the birth of sporting apparel on a poorly timbered runway, only four months after the monetary reform in Germany.


A former sauerkraut factory in Berg am Laim, Munich is re-modeled into the new Bogner headquarters.


Maria Bogner and her favourite model Elfie Wildfeuer present the Bogner style of the 50’s.


Following her revolutionary ideas on the windbreaker and the stretch trousers, Maria Bogner introduces the „B-accessory“:


Willy Bogner jr. introduces the film “Skifaszination” (“fascination skiing”) to German cinemas. The movie emphasizes the beauty of alpine skiing supported by specifically composed music. Bogner becomes the world’s first skiing choreographer.


With his participation in two Olympic winter games and having won more than 70 trophies in 300 races, Willy Bogner jr. successfully follows the footsteps of his father.


Ski pants evolve into second skins and modern synthetic skis replace old-fashioned wooden ones.


Greetings from the hip late 60’s: During the era of the Beatles, even Willy Bogner allows his fantasy to wander. Advertisements show how female skiers surprise gold seekers, rock stars giving concerts on frozen alpine lakes, a huge number of acrobats rides on a single ski, and Willy Bogner dances Charleston with „Fuzzi Bear“.


The US-artist Andy Warhol takes pictures of Maria Bogner for his famous series of portraits.


No montage! In the movie “Fire and Ice” John Eaves escapes a wall of fire caused by a gas explosion in Vail, Colorado. The ski movie wins the “Bambi” and the German Film Award


The first Fire + Ice campaign

with the motto “Join the Tribe”

is launched.


Stare: excelenta.


Detalii produs

Categorie: REZERVARI, ANII '70

Periodizare: Anii '70

Masuri: L

Culori: Galben

Model: Uni

Material: Casha

Stil: Mod

Anotimp: Iarna

Designer: Bogner

Tipologie: A - Line

Model maneca: Scurta

Lungime: Midi

Cod produs: R2185A

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