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 Poze Toca vintage fetru maro anii '60

  • Poze Toca vintage fetru maro anii '60
  • Poze Toca vintage fetru maro anii '60
  • Poze Toca vintage fetru maro anii '60
  • Poze Toca vintage fetru maro anii '60
  • Poze Toca vintage fetru maro anii '60
  • Poze Toca vintage fetru maro anii '60
  • Poze Toca vintage fetru maro anii '60
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Toca vintage fetru maro anii '60

Cod: PA187

Pret vechi: 44 RON Reducere 15%

Pret nou: 37,40 RON

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Toca din fetru maro cu forma aerodinamica, ornamentata cu trei boboci de trandafir crem cu verde. Structura semirigida, margini intoarse, rejansa din faille pe interior. 

Masuri: circumferinta (interior) - 54. Dimensiuni medii.

Brand: Tonak - Praga / Italia.

Despre: "The beginning of millinery manufacture in Novy Jicin dates back to 1630 when the Town Council approved the Articles of the Hatters’ Guild. In 1799, young journeyman Johann Nepomuk Hückel was admitted to theGuild and soon afterwards opened a millinery shop. The quality of his products matched that of previous handicraft and the new products soon penetrated the Austrian and other foreign markets. In 1865 Johann Nepomuk Hückel installed new machinery and equipment, pioneering mechanized production of fur felt hats. Two years later, he built a large factory fully equipped with modern machinery. On January 1, 1869, the business was taken over by the public company J. Hückel and Sons and kept this name until it was nationalized and TONAK, a state-owned enterprise, was established. In 2001, Tonak bought Fezco’s Headwear Division and became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of a comprehensive assortment of headwear. The history of textile manufacturing in Strakonice is one of more than 500 years; however, the year 1812, when the production of world famous knitted fezzes was launched, marks the true beginning of textile manufacturing. The first fez was made here in 1807; in 1812 the Fürth brothers established a company manufacturing caps and fezzes. Their products enjoyed great success and the sales steadily increased. In 1873, Wolf Fürth’s company recorded an annual output of 1.2 million fezzes. In the year 1899, the factories in Austria-Hungary merged into one corporation based in Vienna, Austria. After the foundation of Czechoslovakia, the headquarters were moved to Strakonice where the production of fezzes has continued until the present day." (Sursa:

Stare: excelenta.


Detalii produs

Categorie: PALARII, ANII '60

Periodizare: Anii '60

Masuri: Mediu

Culori: Maro

Model: Uni

Material: Fetru

Stil: Vintage Lady

Anotimp: Toamna

Brand: Tonak - Praga

Cod produs: PA187

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