Vintage Shawls

The shawls are generally hand-made,made of wool or acryl, in various colors. The vests, especially those from the '70s and' 80s, they also have the gift of giving a chic air to modern outfits.

Sal din melana groasa roz anii '70
Sal mustar "Tom Tailor"
Sal vintage model geometric anii '70
Sal alb model geometric anii '70
Capa din lana alba anii '60
Fular / sal print heraldic si animal print anii '90
Fular / sal animal print violet anii '90
Capa carouri stilizate verde cu violet anii '60
Capa vintage alba anii '70
Sal vintage dungi roz si crem anii '70
Capa vintage din lana ivoire anii '60
Sal dungi bleu si albe anii '70
Sal vintage alb model in 8 anii '70
Capa din boucle fishnet anii '80
Sal ornamente blana de iepure anii '80
Sal vintage alb rotunjit anii '70
Sal vintage dungi anii '70
Capa visinie dantelata anii '70
Capa vintage portocalie anii '60
Capa vintage neagra anii '30
Sal vintage turcoaz anii '70
Vesta "Alberto Biani" anii '90
Poncho vintage din lana anii '70
Sal vintage din lana crem anii '60
Capa vintage portocaliu cu crem anii '60
Capa crem din mohair anii '60
Capa vintage din mohair albastru anii '60
Capa din mohair rosu cireasa anii '60
Sal vintage rosu cu albastru anii '60
Esarfa - sal "Louis Vuitton" denim blackberry
Vesta "Moschino" de ocazie anii '90
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